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Kron plainsmen
The Kron are a cultural subset of Humans however players may choose the rules for humans or Half Orcs when creating Kron plainsmen. It is important to recognize however that the “character” is human (though a Kron tribesmen.) The cultural niche of half Orc does not exist in the Wyverndale setting. Size and weight of these characters would match those in the rules for the racial subsets.

The badlands that stretch from the scar across the plains to the borders of the Elven lands of Krys are known as the Kron plains. The humans who etch out an existence in this harsh environment are known as the Kronsmen. Kronsmen tend to have light brown skin, brown eyes, and dark, straight hair. These semi-nomadic tribes are renowned for their riding skills have few permanent settlements. They travel in small bands consisting of extended families. Tribes range from bands of 30 individuals to massive clans of several hundred. These tribes may be matriarchal or patriarchal though they are largely egalitarian meritocracies. Age and ability are the measure of social status within most clans.

While a clans may revere particular gods the Kron Barbarians are for the most part a shamanistic culture worshiping of the Zantith primal spirits.

During the warmer months the Kronsmen travel the plains either herding or hunting as each clan's tradition dictates. To the far west the Kron hunt the giant lizards that inhabit the wastes near the scar. In the winter most of the clans travel east to the Pillar; a giant obsidian obelisk which rises above the plain. This is known as the gathering. A great albeit temporary city forms around the ancestral lodges as the various tribes gather to winter together. During this time the tribes perform various ceremonies, trade and share information. This is an important time of year for the Kronsmen as it keeps inter-tribe relationships alive and provides an opportunity from bands to resolve conflicts and develop ties.

Kronsmen in the western tribes provide the Dwarves strongholds with large amounts of mutton and barter almost exclusively for steel items. Trade benefits both communities and few outside dwarves themself and the tribes have access to dwarven made blades.

Metal Kron-made artifacts are generally crafted of copper or bronze. They favor functional items over luxury items though they do enjoy jewelry. Many Kronsmen wear jeweled items without regard to gender specificity. Frequently Kron-made items incorporate bloodstone which is available from the stream beds in the headwaters of the Kelix River.

Trading with tribes can be straightforward. Though true merchants are rare among the Kron, most members of the tribe are capable craftsmen of some kind. The Kronsmen value goods more than gold.
Generally, items purchased from the Kron cost three to four times the normal rate if paid for with coin. They do understand the value of gold in civilized land and will rarely pay inflated prices for goods other than steel weapons.


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With the help of a tribal shaman and the advice of on Indian spirit that has been summoned for this purpose, a warrior (barbarian) can make a sacred bundle. This thing could be made out of anything that the summoned spirit indicates is sacred to that tribesman. it gives the owner the following benefits:
• +1 on savings throws;
• Advantage on perception to determine surprise
• +1 bonus to AC
There are always from 7 to 1O items in a bundle, and the summoned spirit chooses several of the items so that they are very dangerous to secure (thus proving the worthiness of the supplicant). Things like a rattle from a cave of giant snakes, a feather from a high nesting giant eagle, or the hair of 13 enemies killed in battle are the type of items that go into a sacred bundle. When all of the items have been acquired, the shaman of the tribe must be brought; he will demand that the last offering placed in the bag be of his choosing. This thing is always some that the shaman can use part of for his own purposes.


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