The oracle's "Sister" approaches

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The oracle's "Sister" approaches  Empty The oracle's "Sister" approaches

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After the audience with the Oracle you are led down dimly lit passages to a wide veranda adjacent to wide falls. You climb a wide staircase carved into the side of a cliff to a landing decorated with spring-fed fountains and overlooking the shores of a small subterranean lake which feed the cascade. Some 30 feet higher the cavern's ceiling has ribbons of phosphorescent ore which provides a dim glow to the entire scene. Gnomes in sliver threaded hooded robes with green filigree come and escort the party to lodgings surrounding the courtyard. The Oracle's "sister" takes your arm. "Your companions do not seem to regard you as closely as each other" she states as she gazes up into your eyes. " You appear to have hard won skill though I suspect they have not seen it. Tell me your name and tales of your journeys to while the hours. I am not often allowed to pass beneath the dark falls to the center hall below. My apprenticeship has still many years before I can rejoin the community."


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