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Post by Admin on Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:49 pm

"You saw the coven coaming the mountainside? Well I'm glad the shrine's powers have returned.....wait you thought you saw five? Most likely that means Hura was flying with one of her sisters. Sha'har is the most cunning of the coven. I'd wager if you spent the time watching carefully you'd note that four the the beasts flew in an identical pattern. It appears you made an impression on them. Be warned, illusory duplicates might be the least of her talents. It is said that on a whim she can wreath a man's mind in a crown flames and turn him against his kin and kind. Faster than her sisters and able to call upon arcane shields she thirsts for power. No doubt her sister told her of your mage and she seeks to peel the arcane lore from his blood. Watch the skies on your journeys traveller Hura may be not yet be a great wyrm but even the Oracle dare not confront her directly."


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